Bacopa monniera
Uses: Medicinal Duration: Annual
(Brahmi; Thyme-leaved gratiola) Improves mental clarity and memory! This is the true medicinal bacopa, not to be confused with the flowering bacopa (Sutera) commonly grown in hanging baskets. The whole plant is a nerve and cardiac tonic with a tranquilizing action similar to reserpine. In India it is a dependable remedy for the treatment of debility, nervous breakdown, epilepsy, hysteria, and insanity. The juice of the fresh leaves is given to children for catarrh, bronchitis and diarrhea, or in cases of acute bronchitis and other coughs, a poultice made of boiled herb is applied to the chest. Also used as a diuretic and to treat rheumatism. Bacopa is a fast growing succulent annual creeping herb found in wet places throughout the Indian subcontinent. Easy to grow in pots or outdoors as a summer annual.
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