Lily of the Valley
Convallaria majalis
Uses: Medicinal/Aromatic/Poisonous! Duration: Perennial (hardy in zones 4-8)
Pure white nodding bell shaped flowers grace us with a distinctive sweet aroma utilized in perfumery. Dried flowers are used to treat cardiovascular diseases, resolve cardiac arrhythmias and congestive heart failure. Not to be used without medical supervision. Adds a delicate touch to bouquets, often chosen for weddings. A favourite for moist, shady areas that thrive when amended with peat moss or compost before planting. Flowers appear early to mid-spring. Flowering may slow down after a few years due to overcrowding but this can be remedied by simply dividing or digging up and discarding some of the plants. Careful when handling, or planting around children, as all parts of this plant are considered to be poisonous! Height 6-12 inches.
P3705 Plants (Mar-June shipment) $6.95/ea, $18.75/3 plants, $66.60/12 plants
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