Sweet Pearâ„¢ Mint
Mentha 'Sweet Pear'
Uses: Culinary/Beverage Duration: Perennial (hardy in zones 5-9)
This mint will make you laugh. It really gives off an unmistakable hint of ripe sweet pears! How Jim Westerfield managed to cross his mints to produce this remarkable gem is beyond us but we are thrilled to grow it and offer it to our customers. Very attractive addition to any mint collection. Mature leaves are downy, ovate and silvery grey in colour; flowers are light pink-purple; and the growth habit is upright and robust. The delicate flavour is suitable wherever mint is called for -- in tea blends and culinary dishes such as tabouleh. RICHTERS EXCLUSIVE INTRODUCTION. Richters hold exclusive propagation rights.
P4019-800 Plug tray 90 (ships in 6-8 weeks) $100.00/tray
Currency: United States Dollar

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