Wild Quinine
Parthenium integrifolium
Uses: Medicinal Duration: Perennial (hardy in zones 5-9)
When to Sow: Spring/Late Summer/Early Fall Ease of Germination: Moderate/Special Treatment Required
Hardy rare American native found in dry areas and prairies within Eastern North America with a wide history of use as a medicinal herb. During WWI it was used as a source of quinine, a compound typically sourced from cinchona bark to treat malaria. Was once used by Native Americans as a topical wound remedy due to its high tannin content. Similar to feverfew, this specie contains a chemical called parthenolide, researched for its anti-inflammatory and anti- cancer properties. White flowers are similar to yarrow, as they appear in dense, flat topped clusters. Highly adaptable but thrives in rich soil in full sun or light shade. Height 2-4 feet tall.
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