Citrus Blaze Seabuckthorn
Hippophae rhamnoides 'Citrus Blaze'
Uses: Culinary/Medicinal Duration: Perennial (hardy in zones 3-8)
Superior female cultivar, bushier than others. With pruning, bushes can be kept to 120cm/4ft high which makes for easier harvesting. Berries are a little redder and rounder than ´Huron Sunset´, and slightly smaller. Excellent for freezing berry-laden branches to store for winter usage. This Healing Arc variety is a selection from the European variety ´Juliet´.
NOTE: This is a female variety. In order to produce berries male plants must be nearby to pollinate the females. For every 5 females or fewer, home gardeners should plant at least 1 male. Commercial orchards need 1 male for every 10 females.

P5370-200 Plants $14.45/ea
Currency: United States Dollar

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