Kabocha Squash
Cucurbita maxima 'Kabocha'
Duration: Annual
When to Sow: Spring Ease of Germination: Easy
(Japanese pumpkin) A traditional Japanese squash much loved for its unique sweet nutty flavour and texture -- a bit like sweet potato and pumpkin. The fruits average around 1 to 1.5 kg (2-3 lbs) but can get much bigger. Under the knobbly dark-green skin is an intense yellow-orange flesh that is truly addictive. In Japan kabocha is used for tempura and in soup, in Korea it is used for a pumpkin porridge dish, and in Thailand it is used in desserts and curries. Sliced wedges with olives and seasoning can be roasted with the skin, or the peeled flesh can be steamed. Like other squashes it can be used in breads and in baking. Traditionally the harvested fruits are first kept in a warm place for 13 days at 25C/77F and then in a cool place for about a month at 10C/50F. This converts starch to sugar so that what would otherwise be a bland-tasting kabocha becomes sweet and delicious. 85-100 days.
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