Hops (Humulus lupulus) - Brewing and Beyond
Herb of the Year 2018
Gert Coleman, Ed.
Known as “the beer herb,” hops quenches thirst and encourages merriment, yet it calms and encourages sleep too. This anthology from the International Herb Association explores the many roles that hops plays in our lives. There are over 40 articles on all aspects, from fragrance and flavour, cultivation, lore and history to crafts, medicine and food, with recipes for the kitchen, bath, and boudoir. The craft beer craze is revitalizing hops as a viable farm crop, and Anheiser-Busch descendent Louis Busch Hager describes the resurgent New York State craft brew industry and its plan to become Brew Central. Get this book, take a sip, and learn more about this amazing bitter, aromatic herb.
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