Subject: Deepest Thanks from Baobab Youth Performers (Ottawa, ON)
Received: June 7, 2001

Dear Conrad, Aku and Staff at Richters

Please accept our deepest thanks for your generous donation of basil seeds for fundraising for our Ghana trip. The African Basil Seed Gift Campaign has so far raised $6718.00 and there are still a few more trickling in! Donations ranged from $2 to $1000. We know that the basil seeds helped people capture the spirit of our trip. We are thrilled with the outcome of this endeavour. We had no idea of what we could expect, but it really met our highest hopes! Over the year we had many events and performances which contributed to our efforts. This one allowed us to reach people who were not able to support us by attending a concert or other local event.

Our fundraising goal of $30,000 is very close to being met at this time and we are very grateful for your part in it. Your connection to Dagbamete [Ghana] makes it even sweeter! We shall surely be thinking of you as we embark on this momentous journey.

With love and thanks,

Baobab Youth Performers, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

[Baobab Youth Performers is an African drum and dance ensemble. Read about their work to promote traditional African music and dance in schools and among the youth at]

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