Subject: Number 1 Source for Herbs (somewhere in Alabama)
Received: Wednesday, 24 April, 2002

I am a truck driver all over North America. Before this I used to buy your products every chance I get, that is how I know about you and your stuff and your knowledgeable staff.

On one of my trip south into the States, Alabama, I believe I was listening to a radio program about herbs and their usage.

One of the listeners asked for reliable sources for herbs and the number 1 source was cited as Richters Herbs in Ontario Canada. I was thrilled. It was a touch of home so far away, and the fact that someone down there knew of you and how well you do your job.

One of these days I hope to be back on the ground and settled enough to once again enjoy the benefits of herbal growing. I LOVED it then and can’t wait to look at your catalogue again.

Kathy Earl, somewhere in Alabama, United States

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