Yvonne Tremblay

Food Consultant and Nutritionist

Yvonne, who has a B.A.Sc. (Applied Science) in Food and Nutrition, is a former associate food editor for Homemaker’s magazine. Yvonne is an educator, professional recipe developer, food stylist and food writer. Author of: Thyme in the Kitchen - Cooking with Fresh Herbs, Prizewinning Preserves and The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Jams, Jellies and Preserves.

Yvonne is passionate about encouraging everyone to cook with fresh herbs. "They can add such a wonderful flavor to food and are easy to use. Many people in my cooking classes say they grown fresh herbs but don’t know how to use them, or they buy a bunch of herbs in the grocery store and don’t know what to do with what is leftover."

In Thyme in the Kitchen, Yvonne shows how you can use fragrant fresh herbs to enhance the simplest of dishes. She takes you from the garden to the table with everything you need to know about how to grow, harvest and use fresh herbs. Yvonne also gives instructions for how to capture the flavour of fresh herbs in oils, vinegars, butters, honey, mustard, etc. for later use and how to freeze and dry herbs. Become and expert on making pesto; roast a chicken stuffed with rosemary, thyme and sage; whip up salsas and savory sauces; revel in risotto; linger over lavender shortbread or ice cream; sink into a minted mango mousse. Whatever you decide to try, your taste buds are in for a treat!

In Prizewinning Preserves, Yvonne has included recipes using herbs: Strawberry Lavender Jam, Peach Lavender Jam, Purple Basil Wine Jelly, Lemon Verbena Jelly, Lavender Jelly, Mint Jelly, Pineapple Mint Jelly, Rosemary Apple Cider Jelly.

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