Rue as a Cat Repellent
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Vivian Rebeiro
Posted on: August 15, 1999

I read in a household hint section of the newspaper, that planting rue in your garden will keep cats from using it as a litter box? Is this true? What is rue?

Rue is a perennial herb that is not well known in North America. In Europe, particularly some southern European countries, it is considered a culinary and medicinal herb. It is easy to grow in any sunny, well-drained location. Some people are sensitive to its oils and can develop rashes if skin brushes against the leaves.

Rue is reported to be effective against some, but probably not all, cats. According to Inge Poot, our website horticulturist, rue was effective for her. She laid down some chicken wire in her garden, and then planted seeds of rue. The plants caused cats to do their business elsewhere.

What are mustard greens? Do you cook them or eat them in a salad?

Mustard greens are leafy vegetables that are very easy to grow. The seeds are planted every few weeks from spring till summer for a continuous supply of spinach-like leaves. The flavour is spicy. They are used both cooked and fresh in salads. Richters carries "Mustard Spinach" in the "Gourmet Vegetable" section of its catalogue.

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