Husky Suffering Chronic Bronchitis
Answered by: Susan Eagles
Question from: Mark
Posted on: January 15, 2003

I have a 8 year old Siberian Husky who has been diagnosed with chronic bronchitis since she was 1. Since then she has been on prednisone, a steroid, 10 mg every other day. It certainly helps but we know the drugs are causing permanent damage to her organs and who knows what else. Her blood work has gone to University of Guelph and they say prednisone is the only thing that will help. I am very interested in finding a herbal remedy that might help, but I know very little about it. Any suggestions you have would be very much appreciated, especially as the prednisone is losing its affect.

I don’t work with animals, but you can consider using human therapy factors:

1. steroids cause the adrenal glands to stop producing natural steroids. Coming off steroids requires very gradual reductions in order to avoid serious setbacks. Ask your vet for advice on a steroid reduction schedule. Adrenal supportive herbs licorice and/or ginseng are used while reducing steroids.

2. mucus is usually thick and the airways may be inflamed. To help remove mucus and soothe airways, use expectorants, which thin the mucus and help to expel it, and soothing herbs. Licorice root is a soothing, antiinflammatory expectorant that is often used in steroid reduction because it helps to restore the adrenal glands. Irish moss is an expectorant that is recommended in bronchitis because it cleanses and protects the membranes of the bronchial tubes and is a good source of nourishing minerals. Mullein leaf is a soothing and relaxing expectorant that helps to relieve cough spasms. Grindelia is another antispasmodic expectorant that helps to calm a rapid heart beat that often accompanies chronic bronchitis.

3. Support the immune system to help fight infection and inflammation. Echinacea and vitamin C support the immune system

4. Chronic bronchitis is aggravated by a cold, damp atmosphere, and any air pollutants. Keep your dog in a warm, dry room that is free of smoke and other pollutants.

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