Cats and Worms
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Lynda
Posted on: October 31, 2005

Is there an herb that can substitute for worm medication? My cat, who was a stray, threw up the other day and there was what looked like a tape worm. He wasn’t feeling well, so I gave him Reiki for awhile, and then he came for more Reiki in the night. He’s fine now but he’s not going to travel to get to the vet, as he freaked out very badly (may have been dropped from a car) when I tried once to take him for a ride. I’d rather use natural remedies if possible anyway.

Most of the treatments for worms typically use very strong to toxic herbs so I would prefer that you work directly with a qualified herbalist who has experience with animals in your area. Worming itself can be a very complicated business and my providing general recommendations will not be as useful as your having a practitioner to speak to on a frequent basis. Having said that, I will add that a good diet and a strong immune system will go a long way to stopping the reoccurrence of worms once they have been cleared.

As for your animal’s reaction to riding in a car, you might want to try Bach Flower Remedies. These are available at most health food stores. You will want to purchase Rescue Remedy, Aspen and Mimulus. Fill a 50ml dropper bottle almost to the top with spring water. To the bottle add four drops of Rescue Remedy, and two drops each of Aspen and Mimulus. Put a dropperful in your cat’s food twice a day. Remember to keep the dropper clean as the solution in the bottle is not preserved. Do this for several days before next trying to put your cat in the car. It should help calm the fear and allow a your cat to visit whichever practitioner you choose to help with the worm situation described above.

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