Dog and Food Allergies
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Fermina Bailey
Posted on: November 09, 2005

I have a beautiful half Akita/Chow Chow dog named Foxy. Foxy is now 7 yrs old and I am trying to make sure I am feeding her correctly. Foxy has a nice long walk every day and I am currently feeding her a brand name kibble as well as canned food which contains salmon, lamb and I forget the other ingredients and explains it is loaded with omega oils. I went to this brand, because Foxy was eating chicken (real chicken) that I cooked myself and processed. I mix it with her kibble. However, Foxy sneezes so much and continues until she’s sneezed about 15-20 times. I have a feeling she is allergic to chicken. Would you please help me feed my dog so that she will be healthy and strong for many years to come?

It has been my experience that dogs and cats do their best when they are fed a good, homemade diet as opposed to one made by a manufacturer. Many commercial foods contain ingredients that can cause allergic reactions in animals. References for books that contain recipes can be found on this website ( under the posting "Aging Dog with Arthritis". It may well be that your dog is not allergic to real choicken or any other meat source, but to the ingredients found in her commercial food.

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