"Happy" Horses
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Alva
Posted on: December 07, 2005

I am interested in herbs for horses. Can you tell me a few hints or tips to make my horses a little bit happier?

As I am not sure what you mean by "happier", I will answer in a general fashion. Horses, like all living creatures, require balanced nutrition, clean water, exercise, love, a stress-free environment, fresh air and sunlight in order to be at their healthiest and therefore happiest. As far as your horses are concerned, I would ask several questions: Are they receiving a balanced diet? Are they within their proper weight range? Do they receive regular exercise? Are they groomed regularly? Do you spend "quality" time with them? Do they get outside to graze a portion of every day (weather permitting)? Has there been an recent event affecting their mood (change of habit, loss of a companion, new addition to the stable, etc)? If the latter, you may want to look at the use of Flower Essences. Standard dose is choosing up to six remedies and putting ten drops of each in the horse’s water supply. Bach flower essences are available at most health food shops and quite a number of books are available on the subject. In short, the essences help an animal (or human!) balance mood/behaviour on an energetic basis. Any number of essences could be indicated here from those to relieve depression or calm fears or anything in-between. If you decide to employ flower remedies, you will have to spend some time with both the horse in question and the essence desciptions oin order to choose those remedies most applicable. Remember, every horse has its own personality and individual concerns, so they must be treated as such.

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