Dog and Chorea
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Raju Waghmare
Posted on: December 07, 2005

I have a Pomeraian named Dolly. She was injected with polio and rabies vaccines at two months of age. She is now eight months old and suffering from disease called Chorea. Her coat is dull and the veterinarians tell me there is not much hope for recovery. Is there anything we can do and would there be options here in India?

It is my understanding that polio is a disease inherent to humans and not animals so I am unsure as to why your dog received this vaccine. Having said that, chorea is a condition that often follows a mild attack of distemper. This is a very serious condition and most conventional veterinarians would advise euthanasia. I would suggest you contact a qualified complementary healthcare practitioner (herbalist, homeopath or ayurvedic practitioner) in your area who has experience with this condition or who works with animals. They can offer advice regarding diet, medication and whether your dog has, in fact, had distemper or not. In addition, you may also give your dog homeopathic Nux vomica 30C, one pellet every twelve hours for three days. Be sure the dog has had no food for thirty minutes before and after the treatment. Once the three days of treatment have been completed, watch your dog for the following two weeks for any sign of improvement. If you do not see any change for the better, go onto the homeopathic Hyocyamus 30C; again one pellet every twelve hours for three days. Again, watch your dog the following two weeks for signs of improvement. If no change is observed, your dog will need to be specifically assessed by a homeopathic veterinarian.

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