Sea Cucumber for Joint Pain
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Christine
Posted on: January 17, 2006

I’ve been told sea cucumber is good for a dog with joint pain. If this is true, do you know what would be good to get? Marlo is 9 years old and over weight. She doesn’t really eat that much and is really stressed out with problems in our home.

I am unfamiliar with the use of Sea Cucumber for joint pain. And, as many sea vegetables are under threat due to toxin accumualtion or habitat destruction, I think I’d would be loathe to use it. Please see the posting on this site ( for the posting entitled, "Aging Dog with Arthritis". The diets recommended will help relieve pressure on the joints by helping her to lose weight and the supplements/homeopathics should help as well. As for stress, you are absolutely right. Animals pick up everything going on in a house and are good indicators when we humans have our emotions out of balance. To help her deal with the stress, please put four drops of the Bach Flower combination, "Rescue Remedy" in 50 ml of spring water. Feed Marlo one teaspoonful of the diluted mix twice a day. Bach Flower Remedies are available at most health food shops.

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