Burdock and Dogs
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Christy Jordan
Posted on: February 16, 2006

I have a Bullmastif, she is around 100 lbs and has skin problems. I have her on a natural diet and have given her some homeopathic things that have helped a great deal but I read about Burdock and wanted to try it. Would you suggest this and if so what is the best dose?

It is hard to comment on your question as all skin conditions are different and require specific treatment. Burdock (Arctium lappa) has been used in some skin ailments but can allow the body to detoxify very quickly and thus result in an exacerbation of symptoms. As skin conditions can be quite complex, I would recommend that you seek the advice of a qualified practition who has experience in the use of herbal medicine and animals.

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