Dog and Eyes
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: JoAnn Poske
Posted on: February 17, 2006

I would appreciate any suggestions you may have for continued eye care for my Keeshond. She suffered a minor corneal abrasion after Christmas, 2005. She saw the local vet 3 times, and received 2 different types of eye drops (& antibiotics), which helped her considerably. However, I’ve noticed she still sometimes winces with this eye upon awakening, and I thought maybe some herbal drops would continue to give her relief and healing. Can you recommend anything that I could make for her?

Does her eye appear to be dry upon waking? This can be due to reduced amounts of Vitamin A in her diet, usually found in raw food diets. Please see the entry "Aging Dog with Arthritis" on this website ( for information regarding nutrition. Regarding the eye itself: if it appears there is just mild irritation, a drop of almond oil in her eye will help soothe the area. If however, the eye appears to be dry as well as irritated, try one drop of cod liver oil.

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