Dog and Infection
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Pat Davis
Posted on: March 14, 2006

My dog has had a nail either pulled out or broken way off in the toe. It is very swollen and it is infected. I have been putting his foot in peroxide, adding antibiotic ointment and then bandaging it up. I need something to draw the infection out can you suggest something?

I have another dog that chews on himself all the time and has opened up his tail again. He is also losing his hair, has a thyroid condition as well as hip dysplasia in both hips. What can I do to help stop his chewing and hair loss?

In answer to your first question, start by giving your dog Vitamin C: 250 mg (small dog), 500 mg (medium dog) or 1000 mg (large dog), at three times a day. Next, begin rinsing his foot in Calendula tea. You can make this by putting 1/4 cup herb in 1 cup boiling water; let steep (covered) for 15 minutes. Let cool to body temperature and strain. Soak his paw for as long as he will let you; do this two to three times a day. If there is infection present, also give your dog one pellet of homeopathic Silicea 6X every four hours, stopping when the infection has completely drained (no longer than five days). This homeopathic will help to drain any infection that might be present.

Both dogs would benefit highly from a good, homemade diet. In the first dog’s case to improve his immune status and help his body heal and in the second dog to help him reduce his chewing and hair loss; it could easily be that he has a food allergy. Please see the posting on this website ( entitled "Dog and Allergies" for recipe resources as well as a herbal rinse to relieve itchiness and heal damaged tissue from continued chewing.

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