Black Walnut and Other Herbs for Heart Worms
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Mary Joan Mondello
Posted on: May 21, 2006

I’ve been using black walnut capsules for many years for my family pets to prevent heart worms etc. I’m wondering if there are other herbs that might be beneficial to keep the animals parasite free beyond commercial flea and worm prevention. I see information out there about black walnut, wormwood, etc. and would like your input on what would be a safe dose/level to keep in the animal’s system.

I have heard of tinctures made from the green unripe hulls of black walnut but I am somewhat skeptical as to their effectiveness. Are you in a high risk area for heart worm? If so, my initial thought would be making sure the animal is getting a good, homemade diet to maintain its strength and immune system as well as any supplements required to ensure its health is at its optimum. Second, minimise exposure by avoiding high risk areas and allowing long-haired dogs to maintain their full coat while covering short-haired dogs with a breathable garment. In addition, please see the posting on this website ( entitled "Homeopathics and Heartworm" for another viewpoint on this topic:

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