Dog and Allergies IV
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Justina Madison
Posted on: August 06, 2006

My Jack Russell Maggie is having a terribly time with allergies. We have changed her diet and it has not helped. She seems to have them twice a year. She rubs her face on the carpet and is chewing on her legs and feet. She has scratched a raw spot on both sides of her little face. Can you suggest a remedy for her?

Please see the posting on this website ( entitled, "Dog and Allergies":

Herbalists look at the body as maintaining a balance from day to day, much like an old-fashioned set of scales. On one side of the equation there is good nutrition, low stress, a loving environment and lots of exercise. On the other, stresses that show up announced, possible chronic illness and seasonal allergies, to name a few. If the body is weighted towards the first side, everyday problems are handled without a hitch. However, if the there is not a strong foundation in health, any extra load will knock the immune system and the body for a loop. This may be what has happened to your dog. A good, homemade diet could be just what she needs to give her a strong foundation so that when seasonal allergies come along she does not suffer. The posting mentioned above also has some herbs listed to help her skin repair due to the rubbing and scratching you describe.

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