Dog Anxiety
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Tracey Burns
Posted on: August 06, 2006

I am a dog walker/pet sitter/trainer and I often run across dogs with anxiety and nervousness. What would you recommend for this disorder along with the exercise and training?

The first question to ask is "Why are these dogs anxious or nervous?" and then see if there is something that can be done to alleviate the cause of the problem. If you have already acertained the cause but are not in a position to make the changes necessary, then flower essences might be your best bet. However, even with these you will be in a position of determining the cause of the situation. For example: is the dog in question scared of the other dogs on the walk? Then Aspen, Mimulus or even Rescue Remedy may help. Does the dog not like being away from home? Try Walnut. Does it not like anyone but its caretakers? Maybe look at Beech. Does it have problems with confidence? Larch might help. As you can see, the solution is directly tied to the cause. Flower essences should be available at your nearest health food shop; dosing is as follows: two drops of the essence of your choice in a 50 ml brown or blue dropper bottle, filled with springwater (except for Rescue Remedy which is four drops to 50 ml springwater). Give the dog in question either one dropperful twice a day in food or one dropperful directly in the mouth as needed (do not touch the dog’s mouth with the dropper). Flower essences can also be absorbed transdermally by massaging some of the diluted essence into the dog’s skin (inside ear flap or stomach if the fur is thin). I would also add that looking at the world from a dog’s point of view can go a long way to understanding their anxiety. Kindness, patience and love make all the difference.

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