Dog and Separation Anxiety
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Robin Black
Posted on: September 15, 2006

Our 3 -1/2 year old male shepherd/lab/chow dog mix has developed separation anxiety in the past year and we were wondering what herbs you would recommend that we give him to help him out when we have to leave him for the day. We are currently giving him Rescue Remedy and a special remedy that we purchased from Global Pet Foods for Separation Anxiety. As it stands right now we are taking him everywhere with us as last week when he was left in his crate he injured his front paws and mouth area in a desperate attempt to get out of the crate. Before this past year we were able to leave him at home while we went to work without having to be in a crate and he would do nothing during the day. The crate was purchased after he destroyed things in our home while we were out.

What happened a year ago (when this behaviour began) that may have contibuted to his present actions? Often there are mitigating events that can make a tremendous change in the emotional life of an animal. The use of flower remedies is a highly specific therapy, each formula made to suit the precise situation and emotional state of the living being in question. For instance, was there a change of residence? Change in food? Change in animals in the house? A new baby? New routine (for instance, shift work)? Extra stress in the household for some reason? Traumatic incident (traumatic from his point of view, not yours)? Some emotional issue associated with his crate? Some emotional issue connected with events that may have occurred before he came to your home? Etc. You can see the possibilities are many and each situation would require a different flower essence combination, so narrowing down the field would make it easier to offer a suggestion.

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