Dog and Possible Poisoning
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Debra Rogers
Posted on: September 15, 2006

My Dachshund seems to have ingested a small bag of lavender or eucalyptus. She is very sick to her stomach and has throw up and had a bowel movement but seems still week with nausea. Any suggestions?

In cases such as these it is important to: one, know exactly what the animal ingested and two, call the poison control authority in your area. It may be that the worst has passed but it never hurts to check with those whose business it is to know the toxic effects of plants. If those at poison control feel no problem exists, you could give your dog homeopathic Nux vomica 30C, three pellets every 15 minutes for a total of three doses. Do not continue if symptoms worsen. To give homeopathic pellets to an animal, put the dose in a teaspoon. Place another matching teaspoon over top and crush. Without touching the pellets, open the dog’s mouth and slide the crushed pellets onto the tongue. Do not send them to the back of the throat. In all cases of suspected poisoning, bring the animal and the vomited material to your veterinarian as soon as possible.

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