Possible Eye Infection in Border Collie
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Benita Wibstad
Posted on: October 30, 2006

My dog has a mucosy discharge in one of his eyes. He is a blue merele. Is there an eye wash I can use? I’m trying a baby shampoo at the moment.

Border Collies are fairly high maintenance dogs and require a lot of extra care. When did the discharge begin? Could your dog have caught something in his eye whilst he was out of doors? If so, a wash of Chamomile tea may help clear the discharge but you should have his eye checked to make sure there is no damage. (Should you make a tea of loose Chamomile flowers make sure the liquid is very well strained before using.) If you feel that a foreign object or trauma is not the cause, there is a possibility that the eye discharge is an indication of your dog’s immune system which could be low due to seasonal allergies, food allergies or stress (not enough exercise, etc). Please see this website (www.richters.com) for postings entitled Dog and Allergies I - IV for further information.

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