Dog with Systemic Yeast Infection
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Louise Donohue
Posted on: October 30, 2006

My 10 year old Havanese female dog has a systemic yeast infection. Her woes began when she was much younger and started a series of yeast infections in her ears. I treated these with typical veterinary medications... anitbiotics and cortisteroid drops. When she was eight, her ear canals swelled shut. Surgery to open the canals was suggested. I looked for less invasive ways to help her.

She began a raw, grainless diet in October 05. At this time she began to ooze a honey coloured film from her armpits. She lost the hair on her abdomen, groin and throat. The skin is blackened and wrinkly. I bath her weekly to help relieve the itch an the yeasty smell. I scrub her skin with a nylon exfoliater to remove the crusty film on her skin.

Her ears are still swollen. Every few days she will begin to shake her head vigourously. I put in different drops. Sometimes it is olive oil with garlic and mullein tincture. Sometimes it is sea salt water and aloe vera gel or calendula tincture.

Are there teas, shampoos and ear drops I could prepare to make her more comfortable and perhaps even help her body to fight this infection? I supplement her food with a few drops of Black Walnut tincture, probiotics, salmon oil, digestive enzymes, vitamins A,C and E and zinc.

Can you suggest anything else that might help her?

This is a very complex case and one unfortunately beyond the scope of this forum. It truly deserves the close and ongoing relationship between yourself, your dog and a qualified practitioner who has experience in both animals and herbs. I would suggest you look at the website of the Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association ( for a practitioner in your area.

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