Fleas on Dogs and in the House
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Karen
Posted on: November 04, 2006

What can I do to rid my dogs of fleas? I have tried pennyroyal, and a few other herb oils but no luck. Any suggestions, what about a way to get your house flea free too?

Please see the postings on this website (www.richters.com) entitled: "Cats, Fleas and Pennyroyal Oil" (the information here applies to dogs as well as cats), "Flea Repellent" and "Fleas and Lemon Juice". In addition, you could try the following in your home:

1. Cedar chips or walnut leaves inside a washable cover for bedding may act as a flea repellent.

2. All bedding should be washed in the hottest water available and put in the dryer at the hottest setting.

3. Animals should be groomed daily and if fleas are suspected a flea comb should be used. Dip the comb into soapy water between each stroke.

4. The carpets, floors and upholstery should be vacuumed every day if an infestation is suspected and the vacuum bag should be sealed and put directly into a garbage outside. As well, baking soda or salt may be dusted over the carpets the night before they are to be vacuumed. These products are thought to dehydrate the hidden larvae and the adult flea’s shell.

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