Controlling Anxiety of Two Cats During Move to Hawaii
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Anne
Posted on: November 27, 2006

I have just completed our 8 month process to ship our two domestic short haired 9 year old cats to the big island of Hawaii. We have to put the cats in the cargo hold as they have to be cleared through the department of agriculture.

As you can imagine, this is very upsetting that we can’t have them in the cabin. I am looking for alternatives to calm them on the 5 hour flight to Honolulu from San Francisco. We then have another flight approximately 40 minutes to Kona.

I bought the BACH Rescue Remedy for the flight. My question is this, if the dosage for adults is 4 drops, what would it be for a cat.

One cat is 13 lbs and the other is 17lbs. Would you recommend 1 drop? I have searched everywhere for a recommendation, can you help?

Rescue remedy is a great idea as are the other Bach Flower remedies: walnut (to help deal with change), Elm (overwhelm) and Aspen and Mimulus (fear). Put 2 drops of each of the flower remedies you want to use (but four drops of the rescue remedy) in a 50 ml brown or blue dropper bottle. Add 50 ml spring water. Add one dropperful of the diluted solution to the cats’ meals twice a day. Good luck!

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