Terrier and Bladder Stones
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Susan Stone
Posted on: November 27, 2006

I heard there is a tea called colosonia (unsure of spelling) that works with dogs that get bladder stones. My 5 year old terrier names Malissa May has already had surgury for them, and is on a prescription diet. Could you let me know if you have heard of this and where I could get it?

I think you are referring to Collinsonia canadensis, also known as Stone Root. Whilst this herb has been used for centuries in humans suffering from kidney stones amongst other ailments and I have heard of it employed in dogs, I have not personally used it in this instance, so cannot comment as to effectiveness or dose. In addition, I would mention that bladder stones can be made up of several different substances, each reflecting on the animal’s general health and metabolism and are thus treated in different ways. General recommendations can be seen on this website (www.richters.com) under the posting entitiled, "Canine Bladder Stones". Should you be interested in seeking the help of a qualified professional who has experience in both herbs and animals, please look at the member’s list on the website of the Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association (www.vbma.org) for a practitioner in your area.

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