Cocker Spaniel and Mange
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Monica Sorbie
Posted on: February 26, 2007

We have a 12 year old cocker spaniel who had been in good health until this summer. After returning from the groomer she was scratching a lot and I assumed it was a new shampoo. A few days later we headed up to the cottage. There her skin became red, swollen and incredibly itchy. She became became very lethargic within a matter of days. The vet in Huntsville said this was a typical summer presentation in his office and we were prescribed cortisone cream and the monthly topical drops for fleas/heartworm etc. This reduced the symptoms somewhat but after three more visits to our own vet in the city (who diagnosed mites after a scraping) we are still battling this situation (to a somewhat lesser degree). Our vet increased the dosage and frequency of the Advantage drops. I do not like giving them every 14 days. Any suggestions? Also, will the hair grow back from the affected areas?

My first question would be what else happened about the time your dog went to the groomer? Were there any other medications or vaccines given? Was her food changed? New cleaning products in the house or at the groomer’s? Other dogs at the groomer’s with mange? It does sound as though there was a precipitating event involved. Beyond that, there are a number of postings on this website ( dealing with mange. Please see "Dog with Demodex Mange", "Dogs and Red Mange" and "Jack Russell aqnd Seasonal Allergies" to start. To answer your final question, yes, the fur will grow back but the time involved will depend on your dog’s ability to heal which in turn is a reflection of the integrity of her immune system and health in general.

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