Newly Anxious and Aggressive Dogs
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Dee Wheat
Posted on: March 13, 2007

I have a min pin and three mixed small breeds, those raised by me since 10 hours of birth.. One small breed is a male, but he has been neutered long ago and none of the females are in heat. I have a new neighbor who has two dogs of her own and another that stays with her periodically. She lets her dogs run loose despite leash laws and mine have become so anxious that they have, in the past two weeks, started fighting among themselves. This has NEVER been a problem, even when all three females were in heat, NEVER so much as a growl between any of the four. The neighbor won’t leave, the police won’t enforce the leash laws. What can I give them to help relieve the anxiety of other dogs running on their property... and challenging me at the door to my vehicle at night?

Please see the posting on this website ( entitiled, "Indoor Cats Fighting to Get at Outdoor Cats". Although this posting is directed at cats, much of the same thoughts could apply to dogs as well. In addition to the essences mentioned, add flower essences of Walnut and Star of Bethlehem to help your dogs deal with the recent change and anxiety due to your new and inconsiderate neighbours.

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