Promotion of Complementary Animal Health
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Kerry Kelley
Posted on: March 13, 2007

I am the retail manager at Homestead Gardens in Maryland. Fascinated with this subject -- would like to provide more info for customers. Have you written any books, or are there any you recommend? Do you do seminars, or do you know a speaker on this topic that is closer to Maryland? What a great idea if the Ohio Floriculture Assoc. would have you do seminar as part of their classes at trade show, since that’s in Columbus every year. We need to be able to offer people non-chemical alternatives in many areas -- this is one not a lot of people are familiar with (as yet!).

I agree, this is an area that deserves much more attention. I have not yet written any books; I would recommend that you see the posting on this website ( entitled, "Books on Animal Complementary Health". In answer to your other question, I do speak at seminars although you may find someone closer to your area through the Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association ( Good luck!

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