Cats and Skin Irritations
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: PJ Quell
Posted on: April 16, 2007

Two out of my six cats experience skin irritations that cause them to bathe and overbathe until they have bald spots. My vet said this is an allergic reaction to fleas; however they seem to get this condition several times a year, even when I am treating them with Frontline or Advantage. One cat is male, one female, one longhaired, one short, one indoor, one indoor/outdoor, both neutered, both about 11 years old. They eat high quality canned food (Petguard) plus dry Science Diet and Purina Pro Salmon. Is there something herbal I could add to their diet? Any suggestions would be helpful. I could possibly be more bothered by this than they are. I would prefer to not treat them with Frontline.

Please see the posting on this website ( entitled, "Cat Itching and Losing Fur". As it is quite possible your cats are suffering from a food allergy, you may be especially interested to read the books recommended in this posting. In addition, all cats are different. Some can eat a particular brand of commercial food and show little outward trouble. Others, cannot eat anything mass-produced. Much like humans, each cat has a distinct personality and individual physical requirements

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