Newly Anxious and Aggressive Dogs II
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Dee Wheat
Posted on: April 21, 2007

Actually, I finally went to an Amish herbalist in sheer desperation. I got decoctions of valerian, vervain, and chamomille, mixed them in equal parts, and gave them three drops each. The peace and quiet was amazing!!!! It didn’t sedate them, and I haven’t seen a single bad side effect but my babies are again sweet, calm, and loving toward each other. The first dose lasted for nine days, too, and I only gave it one time that first day, not up to three times a day as my herbalist said could be done. I sent some to my sister in new Orleans who has a rescued toy poodle who is so ornery that the woman who had him was going to have him put down, papers and all. It hasn’t worked quite as well for him, but it has still accomplished a remarkable improvement in HIS behavior. This is a dog whose vet told my sister that he was glad that my sister had this dog and loved this dog because he didn’t think anyone else could!

Thanks for your reply, and I’ll keep the flower essences in mind as well. I have that entire site bookmarked, in fact.

Thank you for the wonderful update. I hope that your experience will be an inspiration to others to consider herbs as a viable treatment alternative for their animal’s health.

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