Chinese Remedies for Cushings Disease in Dog
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Karen Kasper
Posted on: May 27, 2007

What reasons might the herbs rehmannia 11 and dang gui shao be used in a dog with cushings? I have recently began treatment for my Lhaso Apso with herbs and acupuncture. However, my worry is that the herbs might not be timely enough for all her symptoms and problems and wouldn’t the acupuncture elevate the cortisol levels which in cushings is already a problem?

As a Western Medical Herbalist I do not work with Chinese based formulations or a number of the herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine so I’m afraid I cannot comment on the herbs you list above. However, there is a small amount of herbal information posted on this website ( under the title of "Herbal Treatment for Canine Cushings Disease".

In addition, I do not use acupuncture as a therapy so am not an expert in this field. However, it is my understanding that acupuncture works in a different format than conventional medicine so as opposed to elevating the cortisol levels, it should be working to balance the entire system thereby allowing the cortisol levels to return to their proper state.

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