Aggressive Rabbit
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Connie Schneider
Posted on: August 01, 2007

We have a three year old rabbit. Last year, he almost died from heat stroke. He has been okay since then, perked up but not the same. Now that it is hot again, he is very aggressive when I pick him up to move him back into his cage (I move him to the back of the house when the sun is too hot in the front- where his cage is). Is there a herb I can give him to calm him down. He has scratched me two days in a row and tonight his scratching drew blood from my wrist. I feel that he is getting more and more aggressive as the heat rises. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A couple of thoughts spring to mind: first, ensure your rabbit is getting the best possible diet, full of fresh vegetables and greens. Good nutrition always means balanced body function and good behavioural habits. Second, and rather than employing herbs, I would suggest you look at the use of flower remedies: perhaps try Aspen, Mimulus, Sweet Chestnut and Star of Bethlehem. Put two drops of each of these essences into 50 ml of spring water. Of this diluted mix, add four drops to your rabbit’s water dish twice a day. Flower remedies should be available at any good health food shop in your area. You may also want to watch his behaviour closely for further clues: is he unhappy about being moved or does he not want to go into his cage? What is attracting him to the sunny area in the front of your house? Can you make a shady area in your house more attractive to him?

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