Unsoaked Mung Beans in Dog Food
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Dany Park
Posted on: October 09, 2007

I cook food for my dog and put all kinds of healthy stuff in along with what we have left from our dinners (basic food only) however, today I decided to give him a mix of veg, barley, rice and a little pasta. While sifting through the food cupboard, I came across some mung beans I have kept for when I do some sprouting and I stupidly put the mung beans straight into the cooking pot from the pack and cooked them along with the barley etc. I then mixed it all up and added it to his dinner and he ate it all before I realised that I may have made a mistake. I am now worried that unsoaked mung beans may cause him harm.

The unsoaked mung beans will have cooked to a partial degree along with the other ingredients you have prpared for your dog’s meal. In addition, dogs have a very short digestive tract compared to their overall body length (1:6 versus 1:27 in a goat!) so any food not fully digested should pass through into the feces within a day or two

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