Dachshund with Rear End Paralysis
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Sarah Bailey
Posted on: November 06, 2007

I have a dachshund that is only 4 years old. She has been paralysed in her back end for about a year. She was diagnosed with calcified disk disease at the time of her paralysis. About 6 months ago she developed a large amount of crystals in her bladder and had been treated repeatedly for urinary tract infections so I decided to start her on Vit C to raise the acidity of her urine for the crystals and Vitamin E to protect her kidneys. I also added a glucosamine and chondroitin to the regimen and I think the vitamins have contributed to her new found strength in her rear legs. She is able to use them enough to stand and walk several steps before getting tangled up. She is very determined and does not get discouraged about the tumbles. She gets her footing and carries on. Could you suggest some herbs that I could use along with what I am currently using to help strengthen her? I have enjoyed your site and am using the information to help with a recent household move. The cats have proven to be harder to adjust than the dogs but they are getting there and the herbs are helping.

Assuming your dog is not on any pharmaceutical medications, the following herbs may be of help: Hypericum perforatum (St. John’s Wort), Avena sativa (Oatstraw) and Scutellaria lateriflora (Skullcap). These herbs have an affinity to the nervous system and may help with the transmission of nerve impulses within the spinal column. I might also suggest that you have your dog seen by a practitioner who is qualified in herbal medicine and animal health. Such a professional may be found through the Veterinary Botanical Medicine Association (www.vbma.org). In addition, I would like to emphasize that a good homemade diet can help immeasureably to a strong healthy body, which of course includes both skeletal and nervous tissue. Resources and recipes may be found in Richard Pitcairn’s, "Natural Health for Dogs and Cats", "The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat" by Juliette de Bairacli Levy and "The Barf Diet" by Ian Billinghurst.

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