Infected Bite on Dog II
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Nadine
Posted on: November 06, 2007

Thank you so much for your reply. I’m sorry I didn’t give you all of the pertinent information that was needed. The bite is on his neck, just below his jaw, and as I have later discovered, it is bi-lateral. I am unsure if it bled or not, we didn’t notice it until the infection was present, but the one on the other side is unopened but scabbed. The open side is quite large, about 4"x2", it is now healing, but it had greenish-yellow pus. The closed is about the size of a nickel and as I said it has a scab on it. Both have no hair. He (Ludo) is still eating well and has slightly less energy than usual. His nose goes between being wet and sometimes dry and warm.

We went to the vet supply store 4 days ago and got penicillin for injection, today is day 4 on it and if he still needs it we will continue another round in about a week. He seems to be doing better, but we are still cleaning it with peroxide, warm water and an antiseptic wash. Unfortunately, we just adopted a dog who we took to the vet and found that she had a rod type bladder infection. The vet did not accept the insurance we had so we left with a $280 bill!!! There is no money at this time to take Ludo to the vet, and no money to get Ella, our female, the meds that she needs. Right now, they are both on antibiotics and we are doing what we can. Oh, we also have been giving them acidophilus about 6 hours after their antibiotics. I really would rather give them both something more natural, as I do not like to give chemicals to animals or people. Also, I *REALLY DO NOT* like having to give them shots. If you have any other suggestions, I would greatly appreciate the insight.

Given that you have been using penicillin for the abscess, you can continue to use the wash as you describe above until the area is free from infection and has stopped draining. Should you wish to use homeopathics next time an abscess occurs, instructions were given in my first answer ("Infected Bite on Dog").

As for the bladder infection, please see the following postings on this website (; the principle in this instance is the same whether the title refers to cats or dogs: "Cat and Urinary Tract Infections" and "Dog and Urinary Tract Infection".

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