Donkey and Warts
Question from: Kathy McIntyre
Posted on: December 07, 2007

I have 2 female donkeys, mother and daughter. The mother, age 17, has , over the last 2 years, developed a large wart on the inside of her ear. It is growing and looks like a cauliflower. The vet/lab says it is a wart. She is going to prescribe an ointment in hopes it will shrink the wart as surgery is a last resort and supposedly not a sure cure. I would like an alternative also as I would like to try more than one thing. I have been reading on the net and Thuja seems to be good for both human and animal alike.

Homeopathic Thuja would be a good choice and is often indicated for warts in animals and people. There is a lengthy explanation of the process of using homeopathic Thuja on this website ( entitled "Dog and Warts". In this case it might be helpful to use five pellets rather than the three mentioned in the above posting and paint the wart EXTERNALLY with Thuja tincture or Thuja ointment two to three times a day. In addition and given warts are thought to be a manifestation of a virus and/or product of repeated vaccinations, you could also look at giving some cleansing herbs to your donkey to help clear the virus/toxins. These would include any of the following in food: Garlic (Allium sativum): 6 to 8 crushed cloves per day; Clivers (Galium aparine): 20 to 30 gm of the dried herb per day; Calendula (Calendula officinalis): 15 to 20 gm of dried flowers per day. Add to this Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale): 20 gm dried root per day and Nettle (Urtica dioica): 20 to 30 gm per day.

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