Calming a Pot Bellied Pig
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Sam
Posted on: February 21, 2008

I have a pot bellied who never seems to calm down. I am home most of the day with her, she is allowed to root outside whenever she wants, we do mental stimulation by learning tricks and I take her on walks almost daily and she never seems to sit. It seems like she can never relax. I have seen other pot bellies and wonder if this is abnormal. Is there any herb to help her calm down and relax that is safe?

I do not have any experience in giving herbs to pot-bellied pigs so cannot comment in this respect. However, other areas can receive attention. First, is she eating well and getting optimum nutrition? I understand that foods such as sweet clover hay and alfalfa are good choices for pigs along with kale, rutabagas, spinach and carrots. Apparently using pea straw as bedding is useful as well; pigs will also eat some of it.

As far as her activity levels go, are they too much for you? As an individual, your pig will exhibit her own personality and characteristics, which, in her case, may be more energy than in other pigs you’ve seen. This may be a good thing, as it could help keep her in trim and not fall into the illnesses that overtake mammals when they become overweight. However, if you feel your pig is hyper-active, you could look at the use of flower essences to help her remain calm. Essences such as Vervain and White Chestnut can help. In a amber glass 50ml dropper bottle place two drops of each essence and fill the rest of the bottle with clear spring water. Of this dilute mixture place one dropperful in your pig’s food at least twice a day.

One other thought: most animals are highly sensitive and will pick up on the energy levels and mood of their caretaker. If you lead a busy, hyperactive lifestyle, it may be that your pig is acting in response to her environment and to you, her best friend.

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