Cat with Cancer and Noni Juice
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Nancy
Posted on: June 17, 2009

Can you give an animal noni juice and goldenseal together? My mother told me she read in one of her natural healing books that you should give then goldenseal. I stopped giving her the noni because I was afraid there might be a reaction to the goldenseal.

I have not used Noni juice so cannot speak from experience. However, an extensive check provided the following details: Noni has been used in Polynesia for the past 2000 years for dyes, food and medicine, specifically for breast cancer, broken bones and bruises, female reproductive issues, tuberculosis and much more. Modern research has found that Noni has a modulating effect on the immune system and may suppress some cancer cells as well as a number of bacterial species and HIV. In addition it has displayed distinctive properties as an antioxidant. As far as animals are concerned I have seen at least two suggestions for dosing: 1 tablespoon juice per 25 pounds of animal three times a day and two to six millilitres juice per kilogram of animal over one day, best if in divided doses. I have also read that the juice should be at least 70% pure and non-sweetened. Regarding interactions, I have found no information that states that Noni juice may not be taken with Goldenseal, but I have seen statements by those more expert on this subject than I saying that there may be a chance that it can cause problems in those with kidney failure and may exacerbate issues in those who are taking diabetic medications. Unfortunately, much of the information available on Noni comes from the companies that produce commercial forms of the juice so please take that fact into account when doing your own research.

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