Dogs and Fleas and Dermatitis
Answered by: Kerry Hackett
Question from: Catherine
Posted on: August 03, 2010

Which herb can you treat dermatitis and fleas in dogs?

Fleas first: there are already many postings on these questions on the Richters website ( Please see the following entries: "Animals and Fleas", "Dog and Fleas", "Flea Repellent", "Fleas and Lemon Juice", "Fleas on Dog and in the House".

As for the dermatitis, have you had your dog checked by a veterinarian to be sure your dog hasn’t picked up mange or another parasite? If you have and the vet feels this is not an issue, you might want to look at the possibility of allergies. Is there anything in your dog’s environment that could contribute to his dermatitis? (I assume this means scratching, licking, biting a given area which may look red with raised pimple-like bumps or raw from your dog pulling out his/her fur); does it happen year round or only in the spring/fall; did anything happen around the time the dermatitis began to cause your dog stress; have you recently changed his/her food... dermatitis usually has a cause and treatment would depend on what that cause entails. However, to get you started, please have a look at the following postings on this website ( "Dog and Allergies IV", "Dog and Scratching", "Pug and Allergies". These entries all focus on the issue of food allergies, often the cause of undetermined dermatitis.

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