Chinese Herb "Huoxue-Huayu"
Answered by: Richters Staff
Question from: Ron Kent
Posted: Before April 1998

Do you have any information on the Chinese herb concoction Huoxue-Huayu? I’ve also seen it referenced as Fundus III Oral Liquid in a Chinese medical journal.

We believe that this is a formula used to treat acute abdominal conditions, including appendicitis. In his review of experimental and clinical studies of Chinese herbs*, C. P. Li mentions studies involving "Huo hsueh hua ya tang." We believe that "Huoxue-Huayu" is the modern Pinyin transliteration for the same formula.

Huo hsueh hua yu tang contains dong quai, peach tree, safflower and two species of peony. In one study the formula increased intestinal peristalsis in mice by 28% over control animals. It also increased blood flow by 70% in dog intestine in another study. Yet another study showed that it can inhibit the growth of bacteria often found in the intestinal tract and can detoxify bacterial toxins.

[* "Chinese Herbal Medicine," published by the John Fogarty International Center for the Advanced Study of Health Sciences (no date) and excerpted in the 1977 Cloudburst Press edition of "A Barefoot Doctor’s Manual" by The Revolutionary Health Committee of Hunan Province.]

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