Cataracts Remedies
Answered by: Zhongfa Wu
Question from: Stefanie Devita
Posted on: December 24, 2006

I read somewhere that herb hachimijiogan is effective in curing eye cataracts. I think it is a Chinese herb. Are you familiar with it? Or perhaps you can suggest something else for early stages of cataracts.

As far as I know, Hachimijiogan is not a Chinese herb. I am sorry that I am not familiar with it.

According to the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, eye cataract closely relates to Liver. The liver can regulate the activities of eyes with its dredging and regulating functions. Insufficiency of liver-yin and liver-blood may lead to dryness of the eyes and blurred vision; failure of the liver to dredge and regulate may lead to up-faming of liver-fire, consequently bringing on redness, swelling and pain of the eyes and cataract.

Quite a few Chinese medicines are applied to cure eye diseases, including eye cataracts. For example, Zhizi (Fructus Gardeniae), Xiakucao (Spica Prunellae), Juemingzi (Semen Cassiae) and Shijueming (Concha Haliotidis). The last one is from the shell of an animal. Zhizi and Xiakucao can be grown successfully in North America.

The application of Chinese medicine is complicated, which is very different of Western medicine. For how to use properly, going to see a doctor of Chinese medicine is recommended.

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