Hydroponic Medicinal Herbs
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Steve Hunter
Posted on: November 26, 2005

I’m interested in starting a hydroponics business and it seems that everyone is growing tomatoes. I remember at the University of Arizona a young graduate student was growing stinging nettle (not sure if this is the correct name) and the roots are suppose to be used in a cancer medication. Would you have any info on this? I have designed my own aeroponic system that really produces some fantastic root systems. I would appreciate any information you can send my way.

I am not familiar with the work on stinging nettle, but there was a graduate student doing hydroponic herbs at Texas A&M seven years ago. Perhaps following up on that lead will lead you to the person doing the nettle work. Here is a link to a story on the Texas A&M work that appeared in the HerbLetter in 1998: http://www.richters.com/show.cgi?page=./HL/19981208-28.html

You should also look into the work by Dr. Mohyuddin Mirza at the Alberta government’s Crop Diversification Centre North. He has done a lot of work on medicinal herbs production in greenhouses. You can contact him through his web page at http://www1.agric.gov.ab.ca/staff/aafrdsta.nsf/pubemployeebysearch?SearchView&SearchBy=Last%20Name&Query=Mirza

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