Hydroponic Cultivation of Mint
Answered by: Gordon Creaser
Question from: Sirajeddine Said
Posted on: June 20, 2007

What is the best hydroponic system for mint: water culture, or NFT, or raft culture? Can I grow mint hydroponically in containers? What is the best fertilizer for mint hydroponics, 20-20-20, or others? Can I grow mint hydroponically with standard fluorescent light as the same in the houses?

To answer your question we have always used the tray system with 2 inch perlite. We found that to be the best system. The mint grows very rapidly and sends out runners for more propagation. You can see examples of trays on my web site GordonCreaser.com.

The best fertilizer we use is the 5-11-25 and yes you can grow with standard fluorescent light, and keep the light about 1 ft from the tips of the mint.

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