Fertilization of Lemon Balm
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Dalnei
Posted on: April 28, 2011

[Edited translation from Portuguese provided by Google:]

I’m a producer of Melissa officinalis, located in Parana - Brazil. I began this year with fertigation, but am not having good productivity. I searched for literature on the nutritional needs of this plant, but did not find anything. Would you have information on fertilization recommendations for this crop?

Sorry, I cannot reply in your language.

Good information for this crop is available in Italian. Please see:


Here is what that document recommends (all quantities are per 100 square meters):

During field preparation, apply 300-600 kg of well-rotted manure. During the first year of the crop, apply 0.7 kg of phosphate (P2O5), 1 kg of potash (K2O), and 0.7 kg of nitrogen (N). This amount should be should be spread over two separate applications. In the second year, apply 0.7 kg of nitrogen, again in two parts: 0.35 kg applied after the first harvest and 0.35 kg applied after the second harvest.

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