Herbs for Innovative Cheese Products
Answered by: Conrad Richter
Question from: Madhusudhana Reddy
Posted on: November 2, 2000

I am working on new cheese products for a company in India. We are looking for innovative herb-flavoured cheese. Please suggest to us suitable herbs which can go well with cheese. Your website is really good and very informative.

Some of the typical and not-so-typical herbs that go well with cheese are chives, dill leaf, chile pepper, sweet pepper, caraway seed, tarragon dried leaf, fennel seed (chopped), marjoram, oregano, sage, saffron, and thyme.

Robert Bathgate, our resident culinary expert, advises that cheese making is an art and a big topic. Much experimentation is needed to determine the right forms and quantities of herbs used. In some cases (e.g. chives and dill leaf), it may be better to use fresh material.

Also we would like to order some of the herb samples based on your suggestion through this web.

Most of the above listed herbs are available from the online catalogue at Richters (www.richters.com).

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